Immigration Psychology Services Inc. 

was founded in 2014 by clinical psychologist Dr. Angie Vredeveld. The goal of the practice is to broaden services for and mental health awareness among immigrants and refugees in the US.  Dr. Vredeveld is the only psychologist in the Greater Cincinnati region who specializes in and works exclusively with immigrants and refugees.  She has performed thousands of psychological evaluations for legal audiences and understands how to structure the clinical interview to obtain the information needed to answer the legal question at hand.  She is thorough and produces reports in a timely manner.  She has received advanced training in psychological evaluations for immigration court through Physicians for Human Rights and the American Psychological Association.  In addition, she has first-hand experience working with refugees in Uganda, including working with UNHCR and other resettlement agencies.

More on Dr. Vredeveld’s background

Dr. Vredeveld was born and raised in Cincinnati but has always felt connected to the larger international community.  One hundred percent fifth-generation Dutch, she grew up appreciating her cultural identity while recognizing the benefits of being born into a country of great cultural and ethnic diversity.  She attended an international school in the Netherlands for a year as a child, and accompanied her family on several trips to Eastern Europe, where they worked in international development. Since obtaining her doctoral degree from Indiana State University in 2009, Dr. Vredeveld has traveled as a psychologist to South Africa (2009), Rwanda (2011), Uganda (2013, 2014, 2017), India (2017) and Nepal (2017.)  When in Uganda in 2014, she helped establish a mental health program at a NGO serving refugees.  She also founded RISE, a 501c3 nonprofit supporting acid attack survivors. Prior to starting her own practice, Dr. Vredeveld worked at the Veterans Hospital in Cincinnati, where she performed thousands of forensically-oriented psychological evaluations.  She first became involved in providing psychological evaluations for immigration court in 2012, after joining Physicians for Human Rights’ Asylum Network.

Specialized Training

  • Psychological Assessment of Undocumented Immigrants, APA Workshop
  • Psychologists’ Involvement in US Immigration Court, APA Convention
  • Aiding in Physical and Psychological Documentation of Trauma, Physicians for Human Rights
  • Evaluations of Children and Adolescents Seeking Humanitarian Protection, Physicians for Human Rights
  • An Emerging Role for a Psychologist in the Field of Immigration, APA Division 52

Dr. Vredeveld’s CV